Recommended Websites


  • Sensus Traditionis – A website dedicated to the defense of the orthodox Catholic faith and the promotion of serious academic thought within Catholic theology and philosophy.
  • New Advent – A website with the Summa Theologiae, a Catholic Encyclopedia, the writings of the Fathers, Scripture, and other resources
  • Liber Christo – Training priests, deacons, and laity in the ministry of liberation
  • Restoring Truth Ministries – A Catholic apostolate explaining the assault on truth that began in the domain of philosophy, theology and history during the “Enlightenment”.

Online Mass

  • Live Mass – An apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, providing the broadcast of the Holy Mass anywhere and anytime. 

Online stores


  • TAN Books – Traditional Catholic book distributor and publisher
  • Mediatrix Press – A small, family run imprint dedicated to bringing good Catholic books back in print as well as the translation of titles not seen before in English.
  • Loreto Pubs –  A Catholic missionary apostolate specializing in the publication and distribution of Catholic books to aid Catholics in their efforts to convert America.
  • Angelus Press – “The premier source of information on the Traditional Latin Mass and the practice of an integral Catholic Faith in today’s world.”

Youtube Channel

  • Dr. Taylor Marshall – Dr Taylor Marshall publishes weekly Youtube videos in the form of interviews, podcasts, news, and educational content on theology and the Church.
  • The Meaning of Catholic – The Meaning of Catholic is a lay apostolate dedicated to uniting Catholics against the enemies of Holy Church. Content is managed by Timothy S. Flanders
  • Sensus Fidelium – A collection of Catholic homilies, apologetic videos, & other resources to grow in the One True Faith